Vertex V2


The Vertex v.2 is designed and manufactured by The Boss Mod (TBM) in the Philippines and has slotted cyclops style airflow, which is considered to bring the best flavor chasing vape.

A total of 6 Air Slots outfit this atty. The air slots are cut to different thickness, to effect a low pressure and high pressure at the same time inside the RDA, creating a true adjustable vortex effect, by modifying the air speed. The full effect of what this design does to enhance flavor can only be appreciated by trying it.

The advantage of the Vertex V2 RDA is a coil that has more air pass over its surface area at the correct speeds and placement, low pressure at the bulk of the coil, high pressure above and below to pull the vapor away from it.

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Product Description

* 22mm Design
* 1mm x 1.7 (top and bottom)
* 1mm x 2mm (center)
* Built of Certified 304 stainless (stronger, harder to machine, longer CNC lathe time, higher tooling cost)
* Machined out of a solid block for the deck and negative posts
* Solid Negative Posts (NOT welded or pressed)
* 2mm negative post hole
* 2.5mm positive hole pole
* 8mm solid peek insulator
* 6mm deep juice well
* Screw head type fasteners
* Dual or single airhole
* Adjustable copper center pin for positive terminal for increased reach to MANY Mods

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Black, Copper


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